About the Club

NDG Soccer Association

We are recognized as a partner organization by the borough of Côte-des-Neiges – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (CDN/NDG) for the management of soccer programs on its territory.

Started in 1979, NDGSA has grown to have 1200 players in 60 teams, one of the the largest volunteer sports associations in Montreal. Our teams of technical soccer professionals design the programs and help the volunteer parent coaches to develop the soccer skills and sense of team work of our youngsters.

The recreational league welcomes children beginning at 4 years old and accommodates players up to any age.

  • TEAM

    The team is greater than the individual.

  • CLUB

    The club is greater than the team.


    The community is greater than the club.


To become a benchmark in Quebec soccer by providing quality expertise (development)
for young players, offering an environment that is inclusive in terms of diversity and
adapted to the development of each young person, both athletically and personally.
Transmit to our players a sense of belonging and pride in wearing the Club's colors.


To promote soccer in our community by creating a local and competitive structure,
environment and conditions conducive to optimizing the physical, technical, tactical and
psychological qualities of the player.

Develop the sport by creating a fun learning environment for players, coaches, referees,
volunteers and parents.


Accessibility / Inclusion: Enabling our community to participate in inclusive and adapted
programs - all year round.
Development: Develop our members (players, coaches, volunteers, employees) to their
highest potential. Ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to push themselves and
their limits to achieve their full potential.
Respect / Sportsmanship: Fostering a respectful environment by encouraging positive
behavior. We also promote respect for everyone (teammates, coaches, parents,
opponents, referees, volunteers, etc.).
Love of the game: Encourage the enjoyment of soccer for all ages. Pleasure through
effort and effort through pleasure.

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