About the Club

NDG Soccer Association

We are recognized as a partner organization by the borough of Côte-des-Neiges – Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (CDN/NDG) for the management of soccer programs on its territory.

Started in 1979, NDGSA has grown to have 2334 players in 139 teams, one of the the largest volunteer sports associations in Montreal. Our teams of technical soccer professionals design the programs and help the volunteer parent coaches to develop the soccer skills and sense of team work of our youngsters.

The recreational league welcomes children beginning at 4 years old and accomodates players up to any age.


    Respect for self, the rules of the game, other members, opponents and all parties involved (parents, referees, volunteers, etc.).

  • FUN

    Soccer is first and foremost a game. We emphasize the pleasure of practicing a sport activity, getting involved in a unifying project and evolving in a healthy and stimulating environment.


    Perseverance in soccer and the desire to excel as an individual and an athlete.


The NDGSA aims to be a model at the municipal level in terms of the diversity and quality of services offered to the citizens of the borough of CDN/NDG as well as to the citizens of the boroughs and towns nearby.

The NDGSA aims to be recognized in Quebec as one of the best clubs for the training of its players, whether elite or recreational.


The NDGSA’s mission is to offer the following programs to members of our community:
• A recreational league for players of all ages and abilities, from U4 to senior;
• Competitive teams in all U9 to senior categories, and all A, AA and AAA divisions;
• Technical development that will allow players to reach their full potential;
• Soccer schools and academies throughout the year;
• Summer camps for recreational and competitive players;
• A training program for juvenile referees;
• A soccer program for youth with intellectual disabilities, Lions;
• A financial support program for young people from low-income families to give them the same opportunities to participate in our programs.


The NDGSA recognizes that involvement in a quality team sport experience brings benefits to young people and we will do our best to welcome all young people who want to take part.
The NDGSA is committed to providing these activities and services in a safe and fun environment, promoting sportsmanship and good conduct, with the primary goals of:
1. retaining young players throughout their development to eventually play in our senior leagues;
2. nurturing an ongoing enjoyment of sport.

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